How to Use a Memory Card

by Contributor

A memory card is a very useful tool. It is a storage device and functions electronically. Most are very small and are ideal for portable devices such as digital cameras, laptops, music players, and game consoles.

Choose what type of memory card will function best with your device by confirming what formats are supported by it. If your digital device only works with certain memory cards, purchase that specific type.

Consider the capacity and speed you require from the memory card prior to the purchase. Make sure you choose the correct capacity for your device by checking the manufacturer's manual. Matching speed ratings on the memory card to the device is necessary for smooth performance. You should never use a low speed rating card for a device that requires a high speed rating.

Format your memory card in the device you will be using it with. You can generally just pop in the memory card and it will work, but taking a few moments to format the card based on your specific devices instruction is a good way to ensure you are getting the best use of your memory card. Instructions vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, so use your manual for this purpose.

Insert your memory car properly into the device you are using. Follow the diagram that is usually visible on the device. Do not remove the memory card from the device while data is being processed. The best time to remove the memory card is when the device is powered off.

Erase unused data regularly and reformat if the card begins to run slowly. Store data you would like to keep on a backup drive.

Avoid touching the metal connectors of memory cards. They are easily bent and one small dent can not only ruin the card, but can also damage your host device.

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