How Do I Use the Mediacom Remote?

By Quinten Plummer

While your cable box's controls provide you with the necessary options for viewing your cable programming, Mediacom's remote helps you get the most out of your digital-cable experience. Not only does your Mediacom remote give you access to Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View programming, the device can also be used to control all of the other components in your home-entertainment center. Take some time to learn the basics of your Mediacom remote to take complete control of your home entertainment.

Programming Your Remote

Step 1

Navigate your Web browser to Mediacom's Remote Support site to look up the programming codes for your home-theater components (see References). Click on the "Click Here for Device Codes" link beneath your remote.

Step 2

Click on the tab that corresponds to the category of the electronic device you want to program. Fill out the "Brand" and "Model" fields. Write down the programming codes that appear. Use the code search to look up any additional device you want to program.

Step 3

Power on the device you want to program. Press the corresponding button on your remote. For example, if you want to program a DVD player, press the "DVD" button on your remote. Press the "Setup" button until the selected button blinks twice. Key in its programming code with the numerical keypad on your remote. Repeat this to program for any of your other devices.

Basic Functions

Step 1

Press one of your Mediacom remote's component buttons to switch your remote to the mode of the device you want to use. Press the "Power" button to turn the selected device "On" or "Off."

Step 2

Use the "Source" button to switch between the audio and video inputs on the selected device. For example, the "Source" button can be used to switch your television from a component-video source to HDMI.

Step 3

Use your remote's playback buttons to forward, rewind or pause live or recorded content on your DVR. The playback buttons can also be used to control the playback of programmed DVD and Blu-ray players.

Step 4

Press the "VOD" button to access Mediacom's Video on Demand service. Press the "PPV" button to view its Pay-Per-View content. Press the "Guide" button to access Mediacom's channel guide. Press the "Exit" button to return to live programming.