How to Use Media Sharing With Windows Media Player and a DirecTV Receiver

By Shea Laverty

With Media Share, you can stream media content from your computer to your DirecTV DVR. Windows Media Player is one of several programs that can interact with Media Share, giving you access to your entire WMP library on your television. However, only DirecTV HD DVRs, Plus DVR R22 and HD H21 and H23 models can use media sharing.

Setting up WMP

Before you can stream to your HD-DVR, configure WMP for media sharing. To enable media sharing, click the arrow below the Library tab and click "Media Sharing." Select "Share my media" from the Media Sharing dialog box to begin sharing with other devices on your network.

Setting up Your HD-DVR

Connect your DVR to your home network's router with an Ethernet cable. Press the "Menu" button on your remote and select "System Setup." This option may alternately be listed as "Parental, Fav's & Setup" on some receivers. Then select "Setup" or "System Setup," followed by "Network Setup" and "Connect Now." From here, you'll be configuring your DVR's network connection by detecting and connecting to any wired or wireless connections and providing a security key, if necessary. Media Share can also be enabled from this menu to facilitate the connection to WMP.