How to Use Mapquest to Find Pictures of Homes

By Amy Davidson

i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Mapquest is a website you can go to get directions and assistance in finding things in a specific area, such as by typing in two addresses and finding directions on getting from one to the other. Another service offered by Mapquest is 360 degree street views where you can actually see an image of the address you are looking for. If you are trying to get an image of a house or building, try using Mapquest to help you get the job done.

Step 1

Open the Internet browser on your computer and open a new tab or window. In the address box atop your browser, type and either select “Go” next to the address box or press “Enter.”

Step 2

Wait for the site to completely load. Mapquest will try to locate your general area and give you a large map of the area you are in on the right side of the page. Once the map has loaded and the page is up, you should see the map taking up a good portion of the page on the right.

Step 3

Locate the “Search For” box in the top-left corner of the Mapquest homepage. Type the address of the house you wish to find into this box, street address first, followed by city, state and ZIP code. Select “Get Map” when done and wait for a few seconds for Mapquest to locate the area.

Step 4

Locate the “360 View” tab in the top-right corner of the map that loaded with the address you input into the search engine. After you have clicked this, it may take a minute or two for Mapquest to load the 360 street view that will pop up on the left side of the screen.

Step 5

Use the directional arrows in the top-left corner of the street view box when it opens up to navigate the street view. Depending on the side of the street, you can click left or right to adjust the screen shot to the address you are looking for.