How to Use a Router to Make a Printer a Wireless Printer

By Steve McDonnell

Connect your printer to a wireless router for wireless network access.
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One way to provide wireless printing capability on a network is to connect it to a computer on the wireless network and share the printer resource. The disadvantage of this approach is that the computer with the printer connected needs to stay powered on for the printer to be available. Fortunately, you can purchase a wireless router with a built-in USB port and connect a printer to the wireless router to provide wireless access to the printer, essentially turning your printer into a wireless printer.

Obtain a wireless router with a USB input port for connecting a printer or external hard drive.

Power-down your cable or DSL modem. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the "WAN" port on the router to the cable or DSL modem. Power on the modem and then power on the router. Adjust the other router settings such as security and test that you can gain access to the Internet from a computer over the wireless connection.

Connect the printer to the USB input port on the wireless router. Access the router's setup options to share the printer on your network. Test that you can print to the printer from a PC connected to your wireless network.