How to Use a Magnavox Record Player

By Shelly Schumacher

The first Magnavox record players came on the market in 1958. While today they are viewed as antiquated technology, at the time, they were a state-of-the-art revolution. Their introduction provided the first wave of stereo sound for the home audience. Today, a Magnavox record player is more of a novelty item than a form of entertainment. Most young people have never seen a record player in use and prefer to listen to their music from the technologically advanced CD or MP3 players.

Open cover of record player.

Place record on the turn table. There is a small peg in the center of the turntable that goes through the hole in the middle of the record.

Select the correct playing speed.

Turn the player on and wait for the album to start spinning at full speed.

Lift the tonearm and carefully place the stylus needle at the start of the song selection you would like to hear.

When the music is finished, lift the arm from the album surface and return to resting cradle. Turn player off.