How to Use a Magellan GPS System

by Contributor

In this era of high-tech directional solutions using GPS technology, Magellan has joined the crowd offering handy gadgets for GPS navigation. Two basic types of GPS devices offered by Magellan are the "in-dash" systems (they can be taken out of the vehicle when not in use) and smaller, handheld "trekking" devices used by pedestrians or hikers. The use of these Magellan systems is different for motorists than for those who are on foot, but either way, the GPS-loaded systems will help you get where you want to be.

Mount in-dash models on your dashboard with accessories found on the Magellan website. The company offers motorists kits to get the systems right where you want them for easy driving reference.

Use touch-screen controls on the in-dash models. Magellan's Maestro and Roadmate product lines, made for use in vehicles, provide convenient touch-screen technology for better safety on the road.

Use voice-generating software. The in-dash models also provide guidance by voice instruction. Sit back and let the Magellan device tell you where to go, or reference detailed maps at your fingertips.

Use cell-phone type "button" controls on outdoor models like Magellan Triton and eXplorist. Use these keys to get data on speed, distance and location. These devices are also made for the outdoors, durable and ultra-portable.

Get the best of both worlds with the Magellan Crossover. This model comes with the features of a car model, but also fits into your pocket for outdoor trekking. Use the Crossover for activities like boating and geocaching, or mount it on your dash and get on the road. Versatile models like the Magellan CrossoverGPS are popular among those who are truly on the go.