How to Use a Magellan 315 GPS

By Mike Thurau

The Magellan 315 GPS was released in 1999 and possesses a great deal of functionality for a such a small device. The Magellan 315 requires only two AA batteries, and comes with an optional computer connection cable that allows you to download about half a million points of interest. The GPS device also comes preloaded with coordinates for more than 11,000 U.S. cities. It's also easy to use, with a standard keyboard interface that consists of an up/down/left/right rocker switch.

Step 1

Press the button marked "Pwr" until the GPS turns on. Next, press the "Enter" button.

Step 2

Choose your desired language, time zone and region. A series of on-screen prompts will guide you through this process. Press the "Enter" button to make your choice and scroll through the options using the up and down arrow keys.

Step 3

Wait until the GPS has acquired a satellite signal. When the GPS shows the "Position" screen, you will know that it has linked up with the satellite. Point the sun icon to the sun and determine true north based on the time of day.

Step 4

Read the latitude and longitude on the position screen to determine where you are. When you move, the GPS will tell you which direction you are going and how fast you are traveling. To mark a specific area, press the "Mark" button twice when you are over the position you want to save. The name of this waypoint will be displayed on your screen once it is saved. To edit the name of this waypoint, press the "Mark" button once.

Step 5

To access a saved waypoint and move toward it, press the "Goto" button. Select the waypoint you want to travel to from the list, and press "Enter" to make your selection. Press the "Nav" button to view a visual representation of the waypoint's position. One push of the "Pwr" position is all that is required to turn the GPS off.