How to Use Macros in Microsoft Word

by lmikewhite

If you use Microsoft Word very often at home or work, you can make your everyday tasks much easier by creating shortcuts you can use every time you want to repeat a certain task. To do so, you will use a Word feature called "Macros."

Using Macros

Determine what things you repeat often when you use Word. Do you use a certain word constantly, always use the same introduction to a letter, or do something else constantly?

Determine if what you need to do often is listed as one of the 950 commands in Word with a shortcut already assigned to that task--commands like capitalize, apply a particular heading, or apply a bullet list. If the task you want to do often is there, you will just need to use whatever shortcut is listed for that task, whenever you want to complete the task, and the task will be completed, making your life easier. To find out, in the drop down box beside the word Macros, select "Word commands."

If the task you want is not listed, you will first have to record a Macro. To record a Macro, you will need to use your mouse to point to Tools, then Macro, followed by Record New Macro. A record new Macro dialogue box will be displayed. Type in a name for the Macro in the Macro text box. Type what you want to do in the Macro description box. You will then be asked where you want the actions performed; the default is all documents. Change that if you do not want the actions done in all documents. Then press "OK" or enter. Perform whatever task you want recorded. Click "Tools, Macro" to stop recording. If you want to assign a shortcut key to a task, after you type a description of the task, click the keyboard. Then click "alt" plus any shortcut keys or key you want to use. Stop recording in the same manner.

To play back your Macro, if you used the shortcut key method, just use that key or keys. If you used the other method to record your Macro in Word, click "Tools" then Macro on the Submenu. Then click on whichever Macro you want to play.


  • check Macros can be used to perform one or multiple tasks, as long as you click stop recording when you are done recording.
  • check Macros can be used to format a whole document, or part of a document, change fonts, or font color.
  • check Using Macros to make your life easier for often repeated tasks is limited only by your imagination.
  • check You could even record a whole letter, without the name of a recipient and then play it back. The letter would be typed each time, and you could then type in the name of a different recipient each time.

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