How to Use an LRT Scanner

By Matt Scheer

DataMax System Solutions makes the Symbol LRT-3800 series scanners. All the LRT scanners are hand held and scan bar codes for retail or industrial use. These mobile scanners can be used to scan the bar codes on grocery items, clothing or industrial products such as computer or car parts, to name just a few possibilities. Despite the variety of applications, using a scanner takes just a few seconds and requires a point and shoot method.

Note the bar code you wish to scan. The bar code has horizontal black lines and a product number below those black lines.

Point the red scanning light at the bar code. Hold the LRT scanner a couple of inches away from the bar code.

Press the trigger button on the handle of the LRT scanner. The LED display on the deck of the scanner should display the information contained on the bar code. If it does not, point the LRT scanner at the bar code and try again. If the scan still does not work, type in the number below the bar code into the alphanumeric keypad on the scanner's deck and then press the large, red "Enter" button.