How to Use a Lowrance GPS

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Drivers, hikers, sailors, adventurers and others can use Lowrance GPS devices to provide worry-free navigation to nearly any destination. Learning how to use a Lowrance GPS is fairly simple. It mostly involves setting up and saving points to and from which you plan to travel. Once these points are saved, you can recall them again at the click of a button.


Wait for your Lowrance GPS device to acquire the necessary satellite signals for use. Take your device outside, away from mountains, tall buildings or heavy foliage. Make sure the antenna of the GPS receiver has an unobstructed view of the sky, and press the "Power" button. Press the arrow keys until the Satellite Status Page is displayed. When the device has acquired the necessary satellite signals, you will hear a tone and see a "Position Acquired" message on your screen.


Save a location as a waypoint on your Lowrance GPS device. Waypoints are locations that are saved in your GPS receiver so that you can create routes to return to them later. You can save your current location as a waypoint at any time by pressing the "Waypoint" button twice. That will save the waypoint automatically and give it a three-digit numerical identifier.


Navigate to a waypoint with your Lowrance GPS device by pressing the "Waypoint" button. Use the right arrow to highlight the "Saved" option and press "Enter." Press "Enter" again and use the up and down arrows to scroll through the presented list of waypoints. When you've found your desired waypoint, press "Enter," select "Go To" and press "Enter" again to begin navigating to the waypoint.


Create and save a trail with your Lowrance GPS unit. A trail is a series of waypoints that the GPS device automatically generates as you travel and allows you to save for later use. Press the "Menu" button twice, use the down arrow to scroll down until the "My Trails" option is highlighted and then press "Enter." Scroll down to the Active Trail Name and press "Enter." Use the down arrow to highlight the "Active" option and press "Enter." This will render the trail inactive and save it to your Lowrance GPS device. You can access your saved trails by pressing the "Menu" button, highlighting the "Trails" option and pressing "Enter."


Create a navigation route with your Lowrance GPS by pressing the "Menu" button twice while on the Map Page. Use the down arrow to highlight the "Route Planning" option and press the "Enter" button twice. Scroll down to the "End of Route" option and press "Enter." Scroll down to "Add Waypoint" and press "Enter" to select. Choose from a list of previously saved waypoints, pressing "Enter" to select. To add multiple legs to the route, select "Add Waypoints" again and select additional waypoints from the list. Press the "Navigate" button, followed by the "Enter" button to begin the route.

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