How to Use a Logitech Webcam

by Christina Shaffer

Most Logitech webcams, including the C10 and C525, come with an installation disk that includes the Logitech Vid HD and Logitech Webcam Software applications. While you can use the webcam without installing the software, the programs allow you to take full advantage of the device’s capabilities, including taking snapshots, recording personal videos and video chatting with friends. After you install the software, you can position the device and configure your hardware and software settings to ensure a quality webcam image.


The quality of your webcam image is affected by the position of the device, as well as your environment. Launch Logitech Webcam Software and click the Quick Capture button on the main screen to view your live image. Place the webcam on a flat surface or on top of your monitor and position it level with your face. Use your live image on the screen to angle the webcam to your desired position. If the image is dark, consider using a desk lamp to provide more light. You can also adjust the image quality by clicking the “Controls” button and manually configuring the color settings in the software.

Software Functions

The Logitech Webcam Software application allows you to take photos and record video. Click the Quick Capture button and then use the toggle to select the photo or video option. When you’re ready to take a picture, use your mouse to click the camera icon. The image saves to the Gallery automatically. If you selected the video option, click the video camera icon to start recording. Click the same icon to stop recording the video. Similar to taking a photo, the video saves to the Gallery automatically.

Video Calling

Use the Logitech Vid HD software to chat with friends and family who have the video calling software installed on their computer. When you use the program for the first time, you’ll be asked to create a Logitech account. After creating an account, click the “Add a Friend” button to add contacts. If the person you try to add is not a Logitech member, you can send him an invitation to join. In addition to using the Logitech Vid HD software to video chat, you can use the Logitech webcam with third-party VoIP programs such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and ooVoo.

Hardware and Network Settings

Prior to making a video call, test the setting to ensure your microphone and speakers are configured properly. To make a test call, launch Logitech Vid HD and click the “Practice Call” button on the main screen. Click the “Start Recording” button to record a 10-second video clip and then play it back on your computer. If you can see and hear yourself in the recording, the hardware is configured properly with the Logitech software. In addition to your PC’s hardware, Logitech Vid HD and third-party video calling services recommend using a broadband Internet connection, such as cable or DSL, to ensure quality video calls. If you’re experiencing trouble while making a call, contact your Internet service provider for further troubleshooting assistance.

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