How to Use a Logitech Dual Action Controller

By Joshua Phillips

i Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images

The Logitech Dual Action controller is one peripheral that lets users enjoy PC games with a more intuitive interface. Like other PC controllers, the Logitech Dual Action controller does not immediately work when you connect it to a USB drive; you will also need to configure the buttons to work with game actions. Once this is done, you can use the Dual Action controller on any game that supports the peripheral.

Step 1

Load your Logitech Gaming Software disc to install the Dual Action software, including the Logitech Profiler. If you do not have this disc, you can download the software for free from Logitech's website.

Step 2

Insert the USB cable into the PC when prompted and follow the prompts to complete the installation. The Logitech Profiler software will add a link to both your desktop and your Start menu.

Step 3

Launch the Logitech Profiler.

Step 4

Click "Profile" followed by "New Profile" to create a profile for each game you want to use with the Logitech Dual Action. Your profile allows you to customize your controller for the selected game, such as assigning buttons or changing sensitivity settings on the controller.

Step 5

Click "Select Profile" and choose the game you want to play from the list provided. The game will launch and you can use your Logitech Dual Action with the profile configured in the previous step.