How to Use Live Journal

by Michele Martinez

What is Live Journal? As Live puts it, “Live Journal is an online community, a social network, and a place for self-expression.” What does that mean for internet users? What that means is that we have a place to meet friends, journal, be creative, be part of a group of our choice and much more.

Log on to Live Journal. Signing up for Live Journal is very easy. They only have three simple steps. To sign up, click on “Create an account” which is located in the upper right corner. Fill in the required information. The only personal information they require when signing up is your email address and your date of birth. Make sure you validate your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email address.

Change your theme or colors of your web page on Live Journal. To do so click on “Change the look.” With hundreds of layouts you will soon choose one that suits your style.

Write in your Journal. This is fun. You can pretty much write anything you want since it is your own page and your very own journal. Add tags to your journal entry and set your preferences for allowing or not allowing comments. Click “post” and your first journal entry will be added to your Live Journal page.

Click on “Inbox” to view any messages from friends. This portion of Live Journal is similar to most email sites. It allows you to view your inbox, compose, send and delete email. In addition it allows you to view your friend’s birthdays.

Click on “Invite Friends.” It is always better to share things with friends first. You can either copy and past the URL into your own message from your own email box or enter a friend’s email address in on Live Journal’s “Invite a Friend page.

Click on “Interest Search” to find a community that interests you. Type a keyword to find a community that interests you or select from a list. Click on “Join this group” which is located at the top of the page.

Click on “Explore LJ” to find up to date news and information, music and entertainment. There is so much more you can do with this site such as uploading pictures and creating your own scrapbook. Spend time looking over Live Journal and what they offer and you may find a new home.

About the Author

Based in central New York, Michele Martinez has been writing self-help articles since 2007. Her articles have appeared on eHow, Associated Content and Helium. She attended Mohawk Valley Community College and has over 20 years of experience in the areas of aviation, real estate, student loans and education.