How to Use a Linksys Router As a Hub

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Linksys routers are common components of small home to large business networks. These devices route traffic within the network and help combine several machines for Internet access. Linksys routers have the ability to serve IP addresses to users in the internal network using the DHCP protocol. However, you can turn this option off. When you turn off DHCP management, the router is just a simple hub, which does nothing but connect computer wires so that they can communicate. Turning off DHCP is accomplished in the router's console.

Step 1

Open a web browser and type the IP address for the Linksys router into the navigation text box. The default IP address for Linksys routers is

Step 2

Enter your administrator password into the prompt. For the default values, Linksys sets the administrator user name as blank and the password is "admin."

Step 3

Click the "DHCP" tab at the top of the Linksys configuration console. In this window, you can set the DHCP configurations. Select "Disable" in the first option section.

Click the "Save Settings" button to confirm the changes. Now your router acts as only a hub and does not serve IP addresses to computers on the network.


  • If you disable DHCP, you must set static IP addresses on your computers or configure another server as the DHCP host.


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