How to Use VBA to Go to the Last Row in an Excel Sheet

by Jaime Avelar

Learning how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel can save you time when searching for data in a worksheet. Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet application included in Microsoft Office, gives you the tools to easily analyze data by using formulas for complex calculations. Use VBA to automate routine tasks in Excel or other Microsoft Office applications.


Open Microsoft Excel 2007, click the "Developer" tab and select "Visual Basic."

Type "Sub goToLastRow()" and press "Enter" to create a new sub.


Type the following text to create variables:

"Dim lastRow As Integer

Dim X As Integer"


Type "For X = 1 To 25

Range("A" & X).Select

ActiveCell.Value = "Adding data to row number: " & X

Next X


ActiveCell.Value = " "


ActiveCell.Value = " "" to create a loop that will add data to the first 25 rows. Add a "space" to the last two rows.


Type "lastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count" to get the last row.

Type "MsgBox." The last row on this worksheet is: " & lastRow" to display the last row through a message box.


Type "End Sub" if necessary. Run your new sub and you will see a message box with "The last row on this worksheet is: 27".


  • check Your new sub should look like this:
  • check "Sub goToLastRow()
  • check Dim lastRow As Integer
  • check Dim X As Integer
  • check For X = 1 To 25
  • check Range("A" & X).Select
  • check ActiveCell.Value = "Adding data to row number: " & X
  • check Next X
  • check Range("A26").Select
  • check ActiveCell.Value = " "
  • check Range("A27").Select
  • check ActiveCell.Value = " "
  • check lastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count
  • check MsgBox "The last row on this worksheet is: " & lastRow
  • check End Sub"

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