How to Use the Laptop Mouse Pad

By Erin McManaway

The laptop mouse pad is a substitute for a computer mouse.
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Laptops provide you with a built-in mouse pad that allows you to interact with the machine even without a mouse. The mouse pad includes a touch pad area and at least two other buttons, a left button and a right button. Some mouse pads also include a scroll bar area or a power button that allows you to turn the mouse pad on and off, depending on when you need to use it. Using a mouse pad often requires a combination of tapping and touching the touch pad and clicking the buttons.

Press the laptop mouse pad power button, if the mouse pad does not respond.

Slide your finger lightly across the surface of the mouse pad to move the cursor on your screen.

Tap your finger on the mouse pad surface to simulate a mouse click. Some items may require you to double-tap to activate, just as they would require you to double-click with a mouse.

Click the left mouse pad button as an alternative to tapping the mouse pad. This button works the same as the left mouse button.

Click the right mouse pad button to right-click and object or bring up a right-click menu. This button works the same as a right mouse button.

Click and hold the left mouse pad button to select an item and slide your finger across the surface of the mouse pad to drag the item across the screen. Release the left mouse pad button to drop the item. This also works when you need to scroll up and down website scroll bars or highlight text.

Slide your finger up and down the scroll bar section on the right side of your mouse pad to interact with program or website scroll bars. Depending on your laptop model, your mouse pad may not include this feature.