How to Use a Laptop As a Cell Phone

By TS Jordan

With nothing more than an Internet connection and a headset or microphone, you can use your laptop as a cellular phone. There are a number of service providers such as Skype, FreeWorld Dialup and Yahoo Voice Messenger that will enable you to place calls to individuals as though you were using a cellular phone. The setup procedure is fairly basic, so you should not worry about getting in over your head if you are not technologically minded.

Download your chosen Internet phone service client.

Save the downloaded file to your desktop for safe keeping.

Double-click on the downloaded installer file and follow the onscreen directions for your chosen model to install the software.

Plug your microphone or headset into the machine.

Restart your computer.

Click on the "Start" menu and open the "All Programs" list.

Open the program, enter in a number to dial and press the "Call" button to complete a connection.