How to Use Laplink PCmover More Than Once

by Nicholas Smith

LapLink's PCmover is an application that removes programs, files and system settings from an old computer to a new one. Periodically, you may need to use the program to transfer files again. For example, you may need to retransfer old files to the new one because the new machine crashed. Fortunately, when you purchased PCmover, you also purchased the product's license. Therefore, to use the program again, you merely need to repeat the transfer process.


Insert the PCmover disc into the new computer. The program will launch automatically. Read the instructions and click "Next." Review the contents of the window labeled "Important Information" and click "Next." Select "New Computer" and click "Next."


Select your migration method. Choose between "Network," "LapLink Ethernet Cable," "File Storage Device," "Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant," and "USB Cable." Click "Next." "Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant" is meant only for those transferring from an old operating system to Windows 7 on the same computer. If you select "LapLink Ethernet Cable," or "USB Cable," connect the cables between the two computers.


Install PCmover on your old computer. Insert the CD into the disc drive. The program will launch automatically. Click "Next" twice. Click "New Computer" and click "Old Computer" and click "Next." Enter the program's serial number, along with your name and address. The serial number is listed on the CD sleeve. Click "Next."


Choose the same migration method as you did on the new computer. Click "Next" in the window labeled "Ready to Start - Load Snapshot." Click "Next" in the window labeled "Select Migration Modifications (Advanced User Options)."


Select the drives you wish to migrate. Click "Next." Deselect any folders that you do not want to transfer (optional). Click "Next." Deselect any file types to exclude from the migration (optional). Click "Next." The program will scan the old computer for data to migrate. Click "Next."


Click "Next" when you see "Ready to Start Building Moving Journal." Click "Next" in the window labeled "Ready to Transfer."


Complete the migration. Click "Next" in the window labeled "Ready to Start - Transfer Moving Van." The files will be transferred from the old computer to the new one. The progress is shown on the screen. Click "OK" and "Finish" when prompted to do so. This signifies that the transfer is complete.


Return to the new computer and click "Finish." Both computers will restart automatically. Disconnect any cables that connect the computers.

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