How to Use KillDisk Hard Drive Eraser

by Contributor

With computer security becoming more important, new methods for securing current or stored data come up every day. KillDisk cleans computer hard drives, USB devices and removable media by low level formatting or overwriting free space. This program keeps deleted information on any form of media from being recovered using undeleting programs.

Create a bootable floppy disk or a CD (or both) that has system troubleshooting programs, as well as the boot disk version of KillDisk before doing any permanent deletion. Images for floppies and CDs are available on KillDisk's website.

Insert your bootable disk and restart your computer. When the DOS prompt appears type "killdisk."

Select the drive you wish to erase or wipe. Information for the selected drive is available on the right side of the screen. More information is available by pushing "Ctrl + S," which shows the disk sectors or "Enter," which shows the file system.

Press "F10" to permanently and irrevocably erase all information on the selected drive.

Push "F9" to clean all information outside of the current file system. This means that the files on the computer remain unchanged but older, often deleted, files are gone forever.

Confirm your choice. Both methods require you to press their button again (either F10 or F9), then enter a supplied command word before it begins.

Wait while the program executes the erase or wipe. Once it begins, you can stop the process by pressing "Esc," but any erased data is gone.


  • check Look at the online user guide on the KillDisk website for a full listing of command switches and program options.

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