How to Use a Keyboard to Unfreeze a Computer Screen

by Melissa Rae

A frozen computer screen is a common, annoying occurrence. Computers can freeze for many reasons, such as when there are problems with hardware or software, overheating or running too many programs at once. If the computer does not respond to mouse clicks, use the keyboard to open Windows Task Manager and close the offending program or application.

Step 1

Press the "Esc" key twice. If this doesn't work, press the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Del" keys at the same time.

Step 2

Click "Start Task Manager."

Locate the unresponsive program under the "Applications" tab. Select the program and click the "End Task" button.


  • If all else fails, press the power button to shut down the computer. Some computers may require holding in the power button for a few seconds.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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