How to Use iTunes University

by Dee Dee Donato

Learn how to access the wide variety of classes, lessons, and informative podcasts offered by academic institutions, art museums, and educational television stations, through iTunes University.

Open a web browser and log on to the Apple website (see link below)

Download iTunes by clicking on the gray "Download iTunes" button, located in the top right corner. Follow the instructions to download the software for free.

Close your browser after the download is complete.

Open the new iTunes software (it will either be on your desktop or under the "Start" menu).

Register for an account by clicking on "Register" and then choosing a username and password. Sign-in to iTunes.

Click on "iTunes Store" in the middle of the left blue sidebar. Then click on "iTunes University".

Browse through classes, educational podcasts, or art museum tours serveral ways: 1) Click on the "Noteworthy - See All" link to browse hot topics; 2) Select a specific topic on the left white sidebar (for example: "Business", "Engineering", "Fine arts", etc.); 3) Click on "Top Downloads" for the items that have been reviewed the most frequently; 4) Click on "Power Search" and then choose "iTunes University" from the drop down box. Next, enter the specific information you are looking for.

Once you've located the item you'd like to see or listen to, either view it on your computer or laptop or synch your iPod to take the information on the go.


  • check At the time of this writing, iTunes recommends using iTunes version 6.0.
  • check For Mac, Your Web browser should be Safari 2.0 or later. For Windows, your Web browser should be Internet Explorer 6.0 or later . Always be sure that your software is up-to-date.
  • check The iTunes software and podcasts are free.


  • close If you are looking for information from organizations other than colleges or universities, such as museums or public television, click on the "Beyond Campus" button in the white box towards the bottom left and then browse by alaphabetical order.
  • close Use the back button in iTunes to get back to the previous menu.

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