How Do I Use iTunes on My iPhone?

By Sophie Southern

Download deleted music again using iCloud or iTunes.
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The iPhone's features include Internet capability, two cameras and "apps," which are small mobile applications. The iPhone is designed to sync with iTunes, Apple's music software. iTunes lets you play, manage, organize and import music, as well as buy content from the iTunes Store. The iTunes app that comes with your iPhone is designed to allow you to access the iTunes Store so that you can download music, movies, TV shows and apps directly to your iPhone. To manage the music on your iPhone, you need to sync with iTunes on your computer. To listen to your music, you need to use the iPod app on your iPhone. You must register for an iTunes account to use the iTunes Store App on your iPhone.


Tap the iTunes app icon to open the iTunes Store. If the iTunes Store doesn't load, verify that your iPhone is connected to the Internet. Tap the "Music" icon on the bottom menu of the app to browse music. Use the tabs at the top of the app to browser by new releases, top tens and genres. The "New Releases" tab displays popular new songs and albums available on iTunes. The "Top Tens" tab features the 10 most popular songs or albums in a specific musical genre. The "Genres" category allows you to browse all available music in a specific genre.


Tap the "Video" icon on the bottom menu to browse videos. Use the "Movies," "TV Shows" and "Music Videos" tab to browse for the type of video you want. At the top of each tab's window, iTunes lists special deals or free downloads followed by "New and Noteworthy" videos. If you scroll to the bottom of the page in each section, iTunes gives you the option to browse by top tens or genre.

Search and Genius

Tap the "Search" icon on the bottom menu to search for a specific artist, song, movie or TV show by name or keyword. As you enter letters into the search form, iTunes Store will suggest popular searches that correspond with your word. Tap a song, artist, album, movie or TV show in your search results to go to the information page. Click the "Genius" icon at the bottom menu to access recommendations based on your previous iTunes Store purchases and library contents. Turn on Genius Recommendations in iTunes on your computer to get recommendations based on your complete music library.

Purchasing and Downloading

Tap the "Download" button to download free songs, TV shows or music videos. Tap the "Buy" button to purchase a song, album, movie or TV show. Enter your iTunes username and password when prompted. Your content will automatically download to your iPhone. You can access music, movies and TV shows purchased from the iTunes Store through your iPod app. Use the App Store app to search specifically for iPhone apps available from the iTunes Store. The App Store app works exactly like the iTunes Store app.