How to Use an iPhone As a Webcam on Your PC

By Spanner Spencer

The iPhone can be used as a portable webcam for laptops.
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All iPhone models have a digital camera built into the hardware, allowing you to take photos and record videos. The iPhone's digital camera can be utilized as a PC webcam by downloading a third-party application, such as WebCamera or iWebcamera from the iTunes App Store, and installing its client software on the computer. The PC can then connect wirelessly to the iPhone and capture images recorded by its digital camera in real-time. These images can then be routed to communications software for use as a webcam broadcast.

Step 1

Launch the App Store application on the iPhone by tapping its icon on the home page.

Step 2

Search for a webcam app, such as Mobiola's WebCamera or iWebcamera by Drahtwerk. Tap the entry for the application on the search list, followed by the "Buy" button in the upper-right corner. Confirm the purchase by tapping the button again. The app will be automatically installed onto the iPhone.

Step 3

Download the accompanying PC webcam client from the iPhone app developer's website. The link to the webcam client can be found on the iPhone application's App Store listing. Once downloaded, follow the instructions to install the webcam client on the PC.

Step 4

Start the webcam client on the PC. Select it from the Programs section of the Start menu.

Step 5

Launch the webcam application on the iPhone. The app will automatically search for a desktop webcam client on the same Wi-Fi network, and then connect to it. The PC client will display the image being captured by the iPhone once the connection has been established.

Step 6

Position the iPhone so it stands in a stable, upright position where the digital camera has a good view of the image you want to use for your webcam broadcast.