How to Use My iPhone While Visiting the UK

By Greyson Ferguson

If you are an iPhone owner and plan on making a trip over to the United Kingdom, you may be wondering if the phone is going to work, and if not, what you need to do to use the phone. Luckily, all iPhones bought in the United States (and all phones provided by AT&T) use the GSM wireless service. This is a signal type used generally throughout the rest of the world, including the UK. Mobile phones from companies such as Verizon and Sprint, though, are not going to work because they use the CDMA service.

Purchase a Travel SIM card. This SIM card allows you to use your phone, but gives you a different number while in the UK. This sim is not connected to AT&T, and is going to save you a good deal on your wireless bill. You can purchase these SIM cards from most travel agencies.

Take your iPhone with you while you travel over to the United Kingdom. It is possible to begin calling right away; however, it is going to be expensive due of the International rate applied to your wireless bill.

Unbend a paper clip and insert one of its tips into the small hole on the top of your iPhone. Pull out to reveal the SIM card slot.

Remove your current SIM card. Make sure to store this in a safe location, because it stores all of your phone information.

Insert the new travel SIM into the phone. You are now free to make phone calls with your Apple iPhone.