How to Use the iPhone Shaking Icons

by William Pullman

Tapping and holding an application icon on the iPhone makes it and the rest of the icons shake on the screen. When the icons are shaking, you can rearrange the icons, delete applications from the phone and create folders of applications to better organize your home screen. In addition, you can press icons in the multitasking bar to force quit open applications.

Home Screen


Touch and hold any application icon on the home screen until all the icons start shaking.


Tap and drag the icon to a different location on the home screen and then release your finger to rearrange the icons.


Drag an icon to the left or right edge of the screen to open a new home screen and then release your finger to drop the icon. You can create up to 11 home screens for application icons.


Touch and drag one icon over another icon. Hold it there until a gray bar appears on the screen and then release the icon. In the gray bar is a text box with a folder name automatically generated by the iPhone. Tap the "X" on the text box to delete the folder name and then enter a new name for the folder.


Drag an icon over an existing folder and release your finger to add the icon to the folder.


Tap a folder to open it when the icons are shaking. Drag an icon out of the folder and release it on the home screen to remove the icon from the folder. Folders are deleted when all the icons are moved out of the folder.


Tap the "X" in the corner of the icon to delete the icon from your home screen. Tap "Delete" when prompted to confirm the action.


Press the "Home" button, which is the button below the screen, to stop the icons from shaking.

Multitasking Bar


Double-click the "Home" button to access the multitasking bar.


Touch and hold any of the icons in the multitasking bar until they all shake.


Tap the red circle with a white line in it on the application icon to force the application to quit.


Press the "Home" button to stop the icons from shaking.

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