How to Use an iPhone As a Modem for Connecting a PC to the Internet

by Michael Butler

Using your iPhone as a modem for your PC can be a great way to get Internet access on your computer when you're away from your home network or a public Wi-Fi. This is known as tethering. You can also do away with your home Internet access completely, if you want. Newer versions of the iPhone include the ability to tether natively as long as your cellphone carrier allows it.

Step 1

Open iTunes. Click the "Help" menu, then select "About iTunes." You'll see a pop-up box that displays which version of iTunes is installed on your computer. If you have version 9.2 or later, proceed to the next step. If not, click the "Help" menu again and then select "Check for Updates" to install the latest version of iTunes.

Step 2

Connect your iPhone to your PC with the Apple iPhone USB cable that came with your phone. Wait a few moments for iTunes to recognize your iPhone.

Step 3

Tap "Settings," "General," "Network" then "Internet Tethering" on your iPhone. Slide the "Internet Tethering" button to "On."

Step 4

Navigate to the Windows "Start" menu and select the "Control Panel."

Select "Network and Internet," then "Connect to a network." A list of available networks is displayed. Click on your iPhone's name to use it as a modem.


  • Your iPhone must be at least a 3G, 3GS or 4 model; your operating system must be Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later; and you must have iTunes 9.2 or later for the tethering procedure to work.


  • Not all cellphone carriers allow tethering.
  • Tethering on the AT&T network requires iPhone 4.
  • Your mobile plan's data usage charges and limits apply to tethering.

Items you will need

  • Apple iPhone USB cable

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