How to Use an IPhone to Connect As a Modem

by Tammy Clevenger
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The Apple iPhone is a popular smartphone with many useful features. One feature of the iPhone is that the device may be used as a tethered modem for a PC or laptop. Using the iPhone dock-connector-to-USB cable, the iPhone will serve as a dial-up modem for a computer. If the iPhone is using a 3G connection, calls may be made and received while the iPhone is enabled as a modem. To use the iPhone as a modem, the iPhone must be configured to act as modem. Next, a connection is created for the iPhone on the computer. Finally, the connection is made and tested. The iPhone has automated many of these functions, so using the device as a modem may be configured in just a few easy steps.

Configuring iPhone for Use as Modem

Step 1

Click “Settings” on the iPhone main menu.

Step 2

Select the “General” option.

Step 3

Select “Networking.”

Step 4

Select “Internet Tethering.”

Step 5

Move the switch to the “On” position to turn on Internet Tethering.

Plug the dock-connector-to-USB cable into the iPhone and then into an available USB port on the computer. The iPhone is now configured and ready for a new connection to be created on the computer for the device. Often, the new connection will be created automatically. However, if a manual configuration is necessary, see the next section.

Setting up a Network Connection for iPhone on the Computer

Step 1

Click the Windows “Start” button and select “Control Panel.”

Step 2

Click the “Network and Sharing Center” icon.

Step 3

Click the “Set up a Network or Connection” link.

Step 4

Select the “Set up a Dial-Up Connection” option.

Step 5

Select “iPhone” from the list of available modems.

Step 6

Click the “Connect” button to save the new connection and activate the iPhone modem connection. The iPhone will emit a blue glow when connected as a tethered modem.

Test the connection by opening a web browser on the Internet.


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