How to Use the iPad 3G Without a Data Plan

by John Papiewski

Using a cellular provider’s data plan, an iPad 3G connects to the Internet for Web browsing and many other data services. The data plan lets you stay connected anywhere you have a clear cellular signal. There are, however, times you may want to turn the iPad’s 3G connection off and use Wi-Fi instead; for example, while traveling you may have hefty cellular roaming charges. Wi-Fi gives you all the benefits of Internet access without running up your cellular data bill.

Disable Cellular Data, Enable Wi-Fi

Tap the Settings app to start it.

Tap Cellular Data to view the Cellular Data settings screen. Slide the Cellular Data slider to the left to turn the cellular data service off.

Enable Wi-Fi

Tap Wi-Fi to view Wi-Fi settings. Slide the Wi-Fi slider to the right to turn the iPad's Wi-Fi service on.

Choose Wi-Fi network name

Tap the name of the local Wi-Fi network to which you have access.

Wi-Fi password

Enter the Wi-Fi network password when the screen prompts you, and then tap Join. Click the Home button to return to the iPad’s Home screen.

Enable Location Services

When Cellular Data is turned off, you should enable Wi-Fi Location Services. In the absence of cellular data, Wi-Fi can enhance your iPad’s ability to pinpoint your location.

Tap the Settings app.

Location services

Tap Privacy, and then tap Location Services.

System services

Tap System Services.

Enable Wi-Fi networking

Slide the Wi-Fi Networking slider to the right to enable Wi-Fi location services.

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