How to Use Instagram on Webstagram

By Naomi Bolton

Instagram was born as a mobile app on iOS.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Instagram service enables you to share photos and videos from your mobile device to social networking services but offers limited functionality on a computer. To fill this void, services such as Webstagram offer a Web based interface to access and interact with your Instagram account. Once you link your Instagram account to Webstagram, you are able to view and share photos as well as perform actions such as following and unfollowing users. To make use of Webstagram, you must have an existing Instagram account.

Setting Up Webstagram

Step 1

Log in to the Webstagram website (link in Resources) using your Instagram account information.

Step 2

Click the "Follow" button if you want to receive Webstagram updates on Twitter. Click the "X" button if you prefer not to make use of this feature.

Step 3

Click the "Settings" button at the top of the page and adjust the options to suit your preferences. Here you can add keywords to your user page, set the visibility of your Webstagram page as well as adjust your email and country settings. Click the "Save Settings" button once you are satisfied your account setup.

Using Webstagram

Step 1

Log in to Webstagram and click "Popular" to view some of the most popular posts from Instagram.

Step 2

Click "Search" and enter a keyword to find content that has been tagged with the keyword.

Step 3

Click "My Photos" to view your own Instagram uploads. Use the social media buttons below the images to share your work.

Step 4

Click "Liked" to view all the photos that you have liked on Instagram.

Step 5

Click "Hot" to view an analysis of the top filters, tags and users on Instagram.

Step 6

Click "Photo Of The Day" to view the most popular photo of the day on Instagram.

Step 7

Click "Tools" to view the resources for making your own "Follow Me" button or Instagram gallery to use on a blog or website.