How to Use ImgBurn

by Contributor

ImgBurn is free software that records files onto a CD or DVD. It allows users to format rewritable discs, burn files and folders from your computer to a disc, and create ISO images to burn to disc. It's easy to set up and use ImgBurn because it uses straightforward menus that are simple to navigate.

Double-click the ImgBurn icon to open ImgBurn. Make a selection from the opening screen. You can write image files, folder or files to disc, create image files from disc, files or folders, verify a disc or use discovery to check the quality of your media and writer.

Choose "File" from the menu. Choose "Browse." Look for the source file that you want to burn. Choose "Browse for a Destination File" to select the destination to burn to.

Select "File" and "Build" to start building a project. Choose "Calculate" to determine the image size. Click "Remove All Items" to remove files and images from the build project. Verify the project by clicking "File" and "Verify."

Click "File" and "Write" to start burning the images. Choose "Read" to read the disc.

Clear items from the source and destination selections with the "File" and "New Project" selections.

Use the "Mode" menu item to determine the mode ImgBurn displays on startup. The default is the "Ez-Mode Picker" with graphical icons to let you choose a task.

Pick "Tools" from the menu to change the volume label, erase a disc, eject a disc, specify a layer break in the IFO files or perform other disk functions.

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