How to Use an Ideal Omniseal Compression Tool

By David Young

An Ideal Omniseal Tool will help bring your TV signal through loud and clear.
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Modern cable television and Internet service require high quality cables and connectors to assure the best signal. Compression-type fittings provide a watertight seal that also protects the cable from interference. The Ideal Omniseal Compression Tool makes fabricating cable connections a quick and easy job.

Measure a coaxial cable to the desired length and cut it using sharp cable cutters. Ensure that the cut end of the cable is square.

Slide the cut end of the cable into a cable stripper and rotate it around the cable to cut through the cable jacket and shielding. Remove the cable from the stripper and pull the jacket and shielding off the end of the cable. Inspect the end of the cable to ensure that all jacket and shielding is removed and no braided shielding is contacting the center conductor.

Fold the braided shielding back until it is flush against the cable jacket. Insert the end of the cable into the compression connector. Press the connector firmly onto the cable while gently twisting the cable until the center conductor of the cable is flush with the opening on the nut end of the cable.

Open the handle on the Ideal Omniseal Compression Tool and place the nut end of the cable over the plunger in the end of the tool. Squeeze the handle on the Ideal Omniseal Compression Tool to compress the connector. Open the jaws on the end of the tool and remove the cable and connector.

Pull gently on the connector to ensure a secure connection.