How to Use an HP Touchpad

by Jennifer Habersham

One of the nice things about using a laptop is that you don't have to use a bulky mouse to manipulate your cursor and run the applications and programs on your system. HP touchpad laptops are easy to use and take just a short period of time to get used to. While not all HP touchpads look the same, they all function in the same manner. It will take you just a few minutes to master the HP touchpad.

Turn on your computer and allow all of your programs and settings to load fully.

Place your finger on your touchpad and move it around. Look at your screen. You will notice that your cursor follows you finger movements.

Move the cursor over to an application and click on the left button (usually located below the touchpad) to select the application. Close the application.

Click on the right button to bring up a drop-down menu for other options, like Print and Copy/Paste.

Place your finger on the top, right hand corner of the touchpad and drag it toward you. This allows you to scroll through the page. You can drag your finger up or down.


  • check Think of the buttons below your touchpad as the mouse's left and right buttons.


  • close It takes time to get used to the touchpad. Don't be surprised if you find your cursor jumping all over the place the first few times you use it.

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