How to Use GPS in a Cell Phone

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One of the many services available for cell phones is GPS. Your cell phone can give you verbal driving directions with the touch of a button. This is known as GPS or "Global Positioning System," and it's easy to obtain and access, depending on your cell phone provider.


Contact your cellular service provider or your cell phone manufacturer to see if your particular phone can download the GPS application or is already GPS enabled. If it isn't, consider ordering a new phone. Many providers will let you download the service to your phone. Downloading must be enabled on your cell phone for you to use this option.


Find the GPS option, once downloaded on your phone. This is often labeled "Navigation" or "Maps." Under this screen, there will be choices, such as "Find an Address," "Favorites," "Find a Business," "Get Going" and "Local Search."


Start with the street address or street name, if you are looking for a place of business or an exact address. It is best if you know the address, city and state. You do not always need the zip code.


Test the software with any address. It will take some practice entering text into the various screens if you have not done so already. Take note of the ABC keys, caps and 123 for a numeric address.


Once you have entered all the information in the various screens, this service will give you speaking driving directions and a small on-screen map. You generally are only charged air time for accessing the service but not while it is running. Check with your service provider for exact terms and conditions.


Listen carefully. The system will give you speaking directions from your GPS location. If you make a wrong turn, it will revise the directions.


Change the options, such as whether you want the shortest route to a destination. Also change the voice and display.


If you want to look up a restaurant or business, choose "local search" and it will bring up all the places within a 10-mile radius of your current GPS location.


  • close Road construction and closures are often not included in routes, so be prepared with an alternative.

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