How to Use a GoPhone Prepaid Cell Phone

by Contributor

Buying a GoPhone is an easy way to have a cell phone without the hassle of a contract. If you are searching for a prepaid cell phone, a GoPhone is a great option that also allows you free (aside from your charge for daily airtime) calls to other AT&T cellular customers.

Decide whether you want a "Pick Your Plan" deal or to "Pay As You Go." A "Pick Your Plan" deal will be more like a conventional wireless plan, except that you will pay before the month begins in order to lock in your service. With "Pay As You Go," you will only be charged you for what you do or don't use and will buy a card to receive minutes or refill minutes.

Pick the GoPhone that is right for you from those available. The phone options available with "Pick Your Plan" deals maybe be different than the options with "Pay As You Go." Many GoPhones have the same type of features as regular cell phones, including camera and web browsing.

Activate your GoPhone. You can do this by click on the "Login to My Activation" on the GoPhone main page, choosing your activation type and entering your SmartChip number. At the end of your activation, you will receive your new phone number.

Use your plan minutes as allotted or buy a GoPhone refill card when you need more minutes. If you choose to use refill cards, you will get a bonus for every $100 that you spend.