How to Use Google's Directory to Trace a Phone Number

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

Google directory makes looking up phone numbers a cinch. When there is no name associated with a phone number that shows up on caller ID, track the phone number on Google directory to find out who is calling you. Find names and addresses on Google directory unless the phone number owner has opted out of having their information published on Google.

Go to Google's home page. Locate the search bar on the center top of the page.

Enter the phone number in the search bar, including the area code. Verify that you have typed the number in correctly. Hit the "Search" button or press the "Enter" key your keyboard.

Wait for the search engine to find the information connected to the phone number you entered. Look for the name and address that is associated to the phone number to be shown on the screen.

Click on the highlighted map icon to the exact location of the address where the telephone is. Get driving directions to the location by clicking on the "From Here" section and entering your physical location.

Fill out the online form for having your information removed and click the "Submit Form" button.

Receive a link to a call tracing website when the number you're searching for is not listed in Google's directory.


Remove your information from the Google directory by entering your phone number in the Google search bar and clicking on the search button. Click on your name to see more information. Click on the section for removing information.