How to Use Google Contacts

by Chris Hoffman

Google Contacts is a personal address book, containing email addresses, names, phone numbers, birthdays and more. Google Contacts is integrated with Gmail, accessible from its own Web address, and also appears when you use social features in other Google applications, such as sharing a document in Google Docs. Gmail automatically adds to your Google Contacts addresses you send email to. You can sort contacts, add your own, edit their information or delete them.


Open Google Contacts by clicking "Contacts" at the left side of the Gmail page or using the standalone Contacts page. (See Resources.)


View a list of contacts you frequently email by clicking the "Most Contacted" link at the left side of the contacts page.


Find and merge duplicate contacts by clicking the "More Actions" button and clicking "Find & Merge Duplicates."


Add a new contact by clicking the "New Contact" button at the left side of the Web page, typing a name, email address and other desired information into the appropriate boxes and clicking "Save Now." Add additional information fields to the contact by clicking the "Add" button at the bottom of the contact's information page and clicking the name of a field.


Add a new contact group by clicking the "New Group" link at the left side of the contacts page, typing a name for the group and pressing "Enter."


Delete a contact by clicking the contact's name, clicking "More Actions" and clicking "Delete Contact."


Edit a contact's information by clicking the contact's name, changing any information in the appropriate boxes and clicking "Save Now."


Add a contact to a group or remove it from one by clicking the contact's name, clicking "Groups" and clicking a group name.


Search for a contact by clicking the box to the left of "Search Contacts" at the top of the page, typing a search query and pressing "Enter."


Display your contacts' birthdays and anniversaries on your Google Calendar by clicking "Add" under "Other Calendars" on the Google Calendar page, clicking "Browse Interesting Calendars," clicking "More," and clicking the "Subscribe" link to the right of "Contacts' Birthdays and Events."


Sync Google Contacts with a smart phone, if you have one. Read Google's Web page for more information on syncing with your smart phone. (See Resources.)


  • check Import, export or print contacts by clicking the "Import," "Export" or "Print" links at the top-right corner of the Google Contacts page.

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