How to Use Google Checkout on eBay Auctions

By Stephen Lilley


Google Checkout is an online payment alternative to services like PayPal. A user can use a credit or debit card to put money into a Google Checkout account and use that money to pay for things on sites that support the service. Because eBay does not officially support users utilizing Google Checkout as a form of payment for its auctions, you must get creative.

Step 1

Win an eBay auction. You can't use Google Checkout to pay for an eBay auction if you haven't won any auctions to begin with. Search the eBay site for an item you want, bid on it and win.

Step 2

Contact your seller and ask if they'll accept Google Checkout as a form of payment. You can send the seller an email by clicking the "Contact Seller" link on the auction's page.

Step 3

Set up a Google Checkout account. You can do this by going to You can sign in if you have an existing Google account and set up your Checkout account, or simply sign up for just a Google Checkout account.

Step 4

Transfer money to your seller. Once your Google account is set up, click the "Transfer" button on your account's main page. You will be prompted to type in the email address associated with the seller's Google Checkout account and the amount you wish to send. Once everything is entered properly, click "Send" to pay for your eBay auction via your Google Checkout account.