How to Use GIS Coordinates in Google Maps

By Tommy Charles

With latitude and longitude, you can specify an exact location somewhere on the planet. Because the imaginary lines run parallel to one another and crisscross the globe, they intersect at exact points. You can use latitude and longitude in GPS equipment as well as Google Maps. When you use it in Google Maps, save yourself the trouble of having to type out a long address. Because these coordinates cover more ground than an address, you can use them to look at fairly large areas at once.

Step 1

Navigate to Google Maps by typing "" into the address bar and pressing "Enter."

Step 2

Point to and click the search bar at the upper left-hand side of the page.

Step 3

Enter your coordinates into the search bar and press "Enter." For example, to enter the coordinates for the Upper West Side area of New York, you would enter "40.790744,-73.972063." Latitude is the first set of numbers, longitude the second.