How to Use Genius Mixes on the iPhone

By David Weedmark

Classic rock to classical: Genius Mixes play only songs in your library.
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Genius Mixes are like having your own radio program on your iPhone. Groups of your favorite songs are arranged automatically by Apple into different mixes and when you start one, the mix plays until you turn it off. Unlike Genius Playlists, which you can create yourself on an iPhone, Genius Mixes can be created only in iTunes. Once you have Apple create the mixes for you in iTunes, you can then sync them to the iPhone.

Activating Genius Mix

To create a Genius Mix on iTunes, you must first activate Genius in iTunes. Click the "Store" menu in iTunes and select "Turn on Genius," and then click the "Turn on Genius" button. Enter your Apple ID email address and password and click "Continue." After you agree to the terms and conditions and the Apple privacy policy, iTunes will gather information about your iTunes library, send that information to Apple and then deliver your Genius results.

Finding Genius Mixes

After iTunes has created Genius mixes from your music library, click the "Library" button in iTunes and select "Music." You'll see the new Genius Mixes option in the left sidebar. When you click this option, iTunes displays the mixes. Depending on your music library, Genius Mixes may include a Classic Rock Mix, New Wave Mix or a Classical Instrument Mix. In addition to exporting the mixes to your iPhone, you can play them in iTunes by clicking a mix thumbnail.

Syncing to iPhone

Syncing with iTunes is the only way to get Genius Mix on an iPhone. After connecting the iPhone to the computer, click the "iPhone" button in the iTunes window. Click the "Music" tab and select the "Sync Music" option. Deselect the "Sync Only Checked Songs and Videos" option. When you expand the "Playlists" option, you can then select which Genius Mixes you want to sync to the iPhone. That mix and all the corresponding songs in the mix are uploaded to the iPhone from your music library when you click the "Apply" button.

Playing Genius Mixes on iPhone

After you have synced one or more Genius Mixes with the iPhone from iTunes, you can access them at any time in the Music app. If you don't see the Genius option when you launch the app, tap the "More" button and then tap "Genius." If you don't see the mix you want, swipe the screen to the left or right. Tap the mix icon to play the mix. The Music app will continue playing songs in the mix indefinitely.


Information in this article applies to iTunes 11 and iPhones with iOS 7. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.