How to Use a Geek Squad Recovery Disk

By Neal Litherland

Recovery discs restore your computer to factory settings, eliminating everything else.
i Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

The Geek Squad is the service arm of Best Buy and is responsible for customer maintenance and fixing all sorts of computers when problems happen. Often times the Geek Squad will provide customers with a system reset, or they'll give reset discs to customers so they can do it themselves at home. When it becomes necessary, and all your needed files have been transferred and saved elsewhere, using the recovery disc is fairly simple.

Turn the computer on. Insert the recovery CD. Turn the computer off entirely. Wait a few moments for it to turn completely off.

Reboot the computer. The computer should turn back on again, and it will detect the recovery disc. A message will come up asking if you want to use the restore disc without formatting the hard drive. Select "Yes, Reboot" from the disc.

Answer any prompts that come up during the reboot process. You want to be sure that every option you select says that you want to restore the computer to factory settings, or load from the disc.