How to Use a Garmin Communicator Plugin

by Aaron Wein

Garmin develops and manufactures dozens of different GPS devices designed to guide motorists or hikers to their desired destination. Every one of Garmin's GPS products can connect to your computer in order to install new maps or update the device's operating software. Your Garmin can also interact with several websites to access special features. For instance you can view movie times at local theaters using MSNDirect. In order to access these updates or features you must download the Garmin Communicator plugin, which allows your browser to swap information with your GPS.


Plug your Garmin device into your computer using the USB cable included in the GPS's packaging.


Visit Garmin's Communicator Plugin download page.


Click the blue "Install" button. Click "Allow" to force the installation if your browser attempts to block access.


Select the location where you wish to download the plugin installation file.


Open the plugin's installation file after the download completes. The plugin will install.


Test to ensure the plugin was installed properly by visiting the test page.


Visit a Garmin Communicator compatible site to begin utilizing the plugin.

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