How to Use FTP to Transfer Your Blog

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Many users already have personal Web sites on their own servers, and want to switch their blog to that server or add their blog to their Web site. Using FTP via's settings menu is an easy way to make this change.

Access your Blog 'Dashboard' to make changes through the 'Settings' link.

Switch your 'Permissions' setting to 'Anybody' so that anyone can read your blog. If you leave it as a private blog, the files will not be able to transfer. You will also have to switch to a 'Classic' blog template if you did not choose one with your initial sign up and registration.

Choose the 'Settings' tab from your blog's 'Dashboard' and click on the 'Publishing' link.

Switch to the 'FTP' link and then enter the appropriate information in the text fields for 'FTP Server,' 'Blog URL,' 'FTP Path' and 'Blog Filename.'

Return to your blog's 'Dashboard,' choose the 'Posting' tab and click on the 'Status' link.

Choose the link that says 'Republish Entire Blog' to complete the transfer of your blog.


  • check Use the help page that specifically addresses using FTP with your blog.


  • close Using FTP can compromise security. Be sure that you are aware of what is being downloaded to your server.

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