How to Use a Free LinkedIn Account

by Michael Gewirtzman

LinkedIn is a social networking site specifically for professionals. While there are certain features that require membership dues, this is a free site. Here are a few tips for you to utilize your free membership.

Import your contacts. Import every contact that you have from your email accounts. Anybody who you have corresponded with will show up in your search, and you can choose who to send an invite to. Make sure you narrow the search down to those already on Linkedin. Most people with an account will approve your invite. This is a great way to keep your name on the minds of those who you have worked with.

Ask and answer questions. Questions can be viewed by any of your friends, but also any of their friends. If you ask a question, you'll be amazed by the responses that you'll get. If you answer questions, it's a great way to network. Invite those who you answer, or those who answer you, to connect.

Join groups. See what groups your colleagues are in. Join as many groups as you feel that you qualify for. When you are a member, not only will you be able to view the members, but you'll be able to contact them directly via the site. Another great way to network.

Request introductions. Check out who your connections know. If there is anyone who you would like to network in, you can request for your friend to introduce you. Introductions are free as well.

Recommend people. When you recommend people, it will be seen by all of their connections. Similarly, when someone recommends you, their connections will see it as well. People tend to return the favor, and it makes you look good, and gives you credibility.


  • check Under contact tips, include your email address.
  • check Import your email contacts once a month.


  • close Don't ask someone to connect with you more than twice. Take a hint!

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