How to Use the Floola IPod Manager

by Contributor

Floola is an application that will give you freedom to manage your iPod without the need for iTunes. Downloading and installing Floola is fairly simple, and if you can drag and drop files, you can be using Floola in no time.

Connect your computer to your iPod and open iTunes. Select your iPod from the list on the left side of the window, and then select the options button at the lower right corner of the screen to bring up your iPod's preferences. Choose the "Enable disk use" option. Your iPod should now show up on your computer as an external drive.

Choose to manage your songs in iTunes manually. With your iPod still connected and selected from the source list on the left, click the "Manually manage music and videos" option in the summary tab. This will allow you to choose songs manually, and more importantly for Floola, to keep iTunes from automatically syncing media to your iPod.

Download the Floola software. You can get the Floola software from (see Resources below). Go to the downloads page and select your operating system. For Windows, you will download a ZIP file that contains an executable file. If you select MAC, you will download an archive file that contains a DMG file, which contains the application file.

Drag the Floola executable or application file to your iPod. Installation is simple; you just need to drop the file onto your iPod. Open your iPod from your computer, drag the file over and drop it in a folder on your iPod.

Open Floola from your iPod. Double-click on the application and you should see the program open. If it doesn't, delete the file, format your iPod and drag it over again.

Manage your tunes. With Floola, you can add songs to your iPod, manage your playlists and delete songs and playlists. If you want to eject your iPod, hold the "Shift" key when you exit Floola.


  • check Check the Floola website for shortcuts and hot-key commands.