How to Use a Ferrule on Cable

By Richard Slawsky

i Crimper image courtesy stock.xchng., Wire rope image courtesy Bernard S. Jansen

A ferrule is an object made either of metal, plastic or a combination of metal and plastic, generally used for the joining or reinforcing 2 pieces of wire or cable or to make an eye termination on the end of a cable.

Installing a Ferrule

Step 1

Ferrules are available in a myriad of shapes and sizes. It's important to make sure the ferrule is the appropriate size for the cable. The cable should fit snugly inside the ferrule before it is crimped.

Step 2

The cable on which the ferrule is being installed must be clean and free of strands. If the end of the cable is frayed, trim a bit off.

Step 3

Wire rope with thimble and ferrule

To make an eye or loop termination at the end of a piece of cable, slide the ferrule over the cable end. Form a loop and slide the cable end back though the ferrule. Make sure the end of the cable extends completely though the ferrule.

Step 4

Once the loop is the desired size, place the jaws of the crimping tool over the ferrule and squeeze firmly. Most crimping tools have several different openings. If the crimping tool closes completely with little resistance, crimp the ferrule using the next-smallest opening on the crimping tool.

Step 5

To join 2 pieces of cable, make sure each cable end is clean and not frayed. Insert the pieces into each end of the ferrule so they meet approximately in the middle. Crimp as before.