How to Use a Fax Machine With Comcast Service

by Louise Balle

Comcast, a television and communications company based in the Northeast, offers a number of convenient services to customers, including cable TV and Internet services. It now also allows customers to set up landline phones at residential and business locations with its Comcast Digital Voice service, which is VoIP (Voice Over IP). You need to have a Comcast eMTA unit (embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter) and Internet service, as well as a few other items, in order to set up your home or office with a fax machine.

View the Comcast "Incompatible Equipment List" to make sure your fax machine model isn't listed before you start the setup process. Not all fax machines work with Comcast Digital Voice and VoIP services.

Connect your coaxial cable and Ethernet cord to your eMTA box per the instructions that come with the unit. The coaxial cord is the cord with the round connector (used to view cable television) that allows you to receive cable communications, and the Ethernet cord connects your cable Internet service to your computer.

Connect a phone cord to the "Telephone 1" outlet in the back of your Comcast eMTA unit. Connect that cord to a phone splitter device.

Connect one phone cord to the splitter, then insert it into the "Line In" slot for the phone that you want to use for making calls. Insert the other cord into the other available outlet on the splitter and connect it to the first "Line In" slot on your compatible fax machine. If you do not want to connect a phone, you can skip the splitter and simply connect the phone cord from "Telephone 1" on the eMTA to the "Line In" outlet on the fax machine.

Wait to see a solid light on the front of the unit below "Telephone 1," which indicates that the telephone service is active.

Test your faxing service by sending a fax to a friend and asking him to send you a fax back. You may have to reset your cable modem by unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds, and then plugging it back into your power outlet to get the fax service working properly.

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