How to Use Facetime for Mac

by Dave Renn

Learn how to use FaceTime on a Mac computer to video chat with an iPhone 4 user, iPod Touch user or another Mac user. Apple has made it relatively easy for anyone with a Mac to use FaceTime to video chat with other FaceTime users almost instantly.

Download FaceTime for Mac from Apple's website. Refer to the references section below for details.

Install FaceTime for Mac by dragging the icon from the disk image to the "Applications" folder.

Open the FaceTime program on the Mac computer by double-clicking the application icon.

Sign up for FaceTime by using your Apple ID and a valid email address. The email address will be the equivalent of your FaceTime phone number.

Select a contact from the "Contacts" section on the right hand of the FaceTime screen that you wish to video chat with. The contact must have an iPhone 4 or later or a Mac that also has FaceTime installed.

Click either the email address (Mac or iPod Touch FaceTime user) or iPhone telephone number (iPhone user) from the contact's information to initiate the FaceTime chat. Once the other FaceTime user accepts, the video chat will begin.


  • check You do not need to have FaceTime on your Mac open to receive incoming FaceTime video chat requests. The requests will automatically appear even if FaceTime is closed. This can be disabled in "Preferences."
  • check Remember that the email address you use to register for FaceTime is used as your FaceTime "phone number." Share this email with people you wish to FaceTime with.

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