How to Use Excel Hyperlinks on a Mobile Device

by Eric Wilborn
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Excel spreadsheets are used for a variety of tasks. Some users utilize Excel for budgeting while others use the spreadsheet generator as a sort of database for just about anything. Hyperlinks embedded in Excel spreadsheets can be opened the exact same way as if they were located on a web page or within a Word document. With the right hardware and software, users can access the links within an Excel document on the go.

Step 1

Power on your smart phone.

Step 2

Search the phone's market for an application that will open Excel spreadsheets. DocumentsToGo is a popular application for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android devices. QuickOffice is an alternative for the iPhone and Android smart phones.

Step 3

Download and install the application.

Step 4

Run the application and open the document containing the hyperlink you'd like to access.

Select, click, or tap on the link, depending on the interface of the phone you're using. The link will come up in the device's web browser.


  • Accessing a hyperlink connects your device to the Internet. Ensure that you have a data plan active on your device. Only visit links in documents from trusted sources.


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