How to Use an Emachine Restore Disc

By Jesse Seilhan

Computers can be a headache, but with a restore CD handy, you can get your eMachine back to shape it was in on day one. Be sure to back up all files befrore even attempting this, as the process is as thorough as it is easy, and all files and folders will be erased.

If your computer is off, turn it on long enough to insert the required disc, then back off again. If it is on, enter the disc and turn it off.

Now that the disc is inside, turn on your machine and press the "F12" key. Do this after the "boot screen" which is the very first screen of text you see after powering the machine on.

Now, select the CD as a "bootable device." Select the drive that contains the letters "CD" or "DVD," depending on if you have a CD or DVD drive.

A screen will appear with lots of white text, which you can read at your leisure, or simply press "F8" to get to the next step.

You will see a box with a letter on the left side. Locate the "C:" drive and press "Enter" to get the install process started on your main hard drive.

Next will be the choice between "NTFS" or "NTFS (Quick)." Quick will take a lot less time, obviously, but may not get rid of a potentially pesky infection.

The automated process should begin, and when it's over, you will be presented with the same options you were the day the computer was first turned on. Choose your username, potentially a password, time zone, registration or anything else required to continue.

For the final clean-up step, right click "My Computer," choose "Properties," then "Device Manager" to see a list of drivers. If any have a yellow exclamation point or a red "x," then you may need to search the restore disc or the Internet for appropriate solutions.